All Politics is Local,” Right?
Interested in what’s happening in Annapolis? Concerned about the decisions that are being made there which impact Medicine and your medical practice? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, we want you to become more involved in our grassroots legislative efforts. You may know a legislator, or be an expert on a certain issue that is likely to come before the Maryland Assembly this year, or just be an activist who wants to find a way of channeling your energy – regardless, we need you more involved in our legislative efforts, especially as a part of the Medical Society’s Legislative Committee.
Based on MedChi’s legislative agenda, the MCMS Legislative Committee and Board determine MCMS’s legislative priorities. This directs the efforts of the Society’s staff on behalf of MCMS members and their practices.
If you are interested in serving on the legislative committee, please let us hear from you! Email Susan D’Antoni, Executive Director, at sdantoni@montgomerymedicine.org or call 301.921.4300, ext. 203.

Volunteer Physicians Needed to Assist in First Aid Room in Annapolis
MedChi coordinates volunteer physicians to serve in the First Aid Room while the Assembly is in session in Annapolis. If you are interested in the MCMS Internship Program, you could be an intern in a legislator’s office and serve as the Physician of the Day at the same time.
Many physicians are needed to staff the First Aid Room. Your help is critically needed. It’s a wonderful community service, and it shows our support to the Assembly. To volunteer, call MedChi at 410-263-4035 or 301-858-5230.