5 Compliance Tips from an OSHA Inspector

Each year, MCMS hosts an OSHA Update for Medical Practices with an expert in the field. This year, we were joined by Anthony Jagielski, a Health Consultant at the Maryland Occupational Safety & Health, our statewide arm of OSHA.  He has spent more than a decade inspecting medical practices for OSHA compliance. The following are…

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OSHA Penalties Adjusted in 2019: $13,260 per Violation

This is a reminder that Federal OSHA regulation Title 29, Part 1910.1030 requires that all employees with potential for exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials MUST receive training BEFORE beginning work, and must be retrained annually.  Note: Federal OSHA regulation Title 29, Part 1910.1200 has been amended to conform to the “GHS” – Globally Harmonized System of…

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