5 Complimentary CME Opportunities to Access this Season with 130+ Credits Available

1) Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Conversations Online CME, 2 Credits

Available at no cost for MCMS & MedChi members through MedChi’s Web Catalog.
We know that it’s important to screen our patients for risky substance use, deliver a brief intervention, and refer them to treatment if indicated. But conversations about substance use can be difficult. These training modules were designed to help treating providers practice having difficult conversations in the context of Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT). These training modules supplement, the SBIRT training found here. Additional resources can be found here.

2) Medical Cannabis: Legal and Practice Considerations for Maryland Physicians Online CME, 1 Credit

Available at no cost for MCMS & MedChi members through MedChi’s Web Catalog.
Participants will be able to review the Maryland Medical Cannabis Law, describe how a patient gets a medical cannabis card, and discuss the legal risks associated with medical cannabis.

3) From The Doctor’s Channel: Modules on Influenza, IBD, Cardiac Imaging, and Bipolar Depression – Combined Courses, Total of 5.25 Credits

The Doctor’s Channel offers a revolving series of free online CME through their website. Their current offerings touch on topics relevant to primary care, gastroenterology, cardiology, and psychiatry. You can also access their past educational content for free, although no CME is available for past programs.

4) AMA’s Steps Forward Program Online CME, 25+ Credits

The American Medical Association’s STEPS Forward CME accredited resource base aims to provide innovative strategies that will allow physicians to thrive in the new health care environment. It includes over fifty 0.5 credit modules on topics like professional well-being, patient care, workflow, leading change, technology, finance, and more.

5) UPMC Free CME Catalog, Courses in 20 Specialties, 100+ Credits

UPMC, a Pittsburgh based health provider and insurer, with more than 89,000 employees, and 70 hospital under its umbrella, created this web catalog as part of its quality improvement initiative. No affiliation with UPMC is required; all physicians are welcome to access it.