CRISP COVID-19 Functionalities: Testing, Immunizations, and Monoclonal Antibody Referrals

The following is a summary of the information provided by Sheena Patel, MD, CMPE, the
Director of HIE Projects and Outreach at CRISP, Maryland’s health information exchange during the Maryland Department of Health’s COVID-19 physician call on January 27. For full details on the features listed below, the slide deck is available (start on page 32), as is a recording of the event.

Ordering a COVID-19 Test

COVID orders – ability to refer a patient for testing at one of the sites that use CRISP for scheduling. Keep in mind that a patient may get an order placed through CRISP but could then choose to go wherever (ex. CVS). Results will still come to CRISP via MD NEDSS. Learn more.

Point of Care Rapid Test Reporting Tool

POC Reporting – provides a tool to report rapid tests performed at the point of care, to meet CDC and MDH reporting requirements. Learn more.

COVID-19 Test Results Are Available Through…

  • ENS alerts – trigger based on a specific message received from the lab or MD NEDSS. You may see multiple messages for one encounter, which can happen when the record is updated on the backend. Available automatically via PROMPT, and by request, can get a daily COVID spreadsheet via Direct email as well. Learn more.
  • Health Records – shows printable copy of results. Learn more.
  • Patient Snapshot – Positive alerts show as Care Alerts. Learn more.
  • COVID Results Viewer – shows only results for tests scheduled via CRISP and completed at one of the sites that use CRISP for scheduling/registration.

COVID-19 Immunizations Are Viewable Through…

  • The CRISP Vaccine Tool – A tool that allows physicians to identify patients who have or have not been vaccinated and sort by demographics, vaccination status, age, chronic conditions, and more. It can be found in the MDPCP section and/or Public Health Dashboard. Review the User Guide for more detailed information on the tool.
  • Patient Snapshot – Administered immunizations are displayed as Care Alerts. Includes manufacturer, date, and place administered. The immunization widget also displays it.
  • ENS PROMPT – Filter “Patient Class” = COVID-19 Vaccination.

Referrals for Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

Physicians can refer eligible patients to receive treatment at approved sites across MD in CRISP. View the quick start guide.

COVID Vulnerability Index (CVI)

Available within MDPCP reports under “Likelihood of Avoidable Hospital Events” report.