The following are educational programs recorded by Montgomery County Medical Society for members to access on-demand. In response to the COVID-19 public health crisis, this library has been made publicly available on a temporary basis.

Currently available topics: Borrowing - Employment Law - Paycheck Protection Program - Practice Reopening - Practice Finance & Taxes - Remote Patient Monitoring - Telehealth Coding - Telehealth Implementation

Montgomery County Primary Care Grant Program Q&A

Date Recorded: Wednesday, November 24, 2020 - Watch on YouTube

The Montgomery County Primary Care and Dental Grant Program was created by the Montgomery County Council appropriation of CARES Act funds for a competitive grant program for independent primary care medical practices based in Montgomery County to respond to lost revenue and costs related to re-opening their practices during COVID-19. The program is accepting applications from November 18-29.

This program provided an open Q&A period with a program administrator, Susan Donovan, MHA, Managing Director, Primary Care Coalition, who answered questions pertaining to grant program eligibility, application requirements, and preference methodology. Learn more about the grant program and how to apply.