The following are educational programs recorded by Montgomery County Medical Society for members to access on-demand. In response to the COVID-19 public health crisis, this library has been made publicly available on a temporary basis.

Currently available topics: Borrowing - Employment Law - Paycheck Protection Program - Practice Reopening - Practice Finance & Taxes - Remote Patient Monitoring - Telehealth Coding - Telehealth Implementation

Featured Webinar: COVID-19 Staffing Q&A for Physicians

Date Recorded: August 25, 2020 - Watch on YouTube

As our social and legal environments continue to change in response to COVID-19, physicians, in particular, are facing a number of complicated and difficult employee management issues.

This Q&A is based on attendee submitted questions, and features David Shapiro and Jim Hammerschmidt of The Law Firm of Paley Rothman, based in Bethesda. Jim and David have years of experience working with healthcare practices and providers, and employers in general, and offered their knowledge and expertise to physician attendees navigating COVID-19-related laws and business issues.