OSHA Compliance Tools: Order Form for Nonmembers

MCMS has partnered with OSHA Medical Courses, LLC to offer a one-stop solution to comply with Hazard Communications and Blood Borne Pathogen requirements. MCMS members save an average of 70% on these employee training and compliance plans. Join today to receive this discount!

OSHA compliance tools purchased through this form will be provided within one business day.

Template OSHA Compliance Plans

Each location of each health care setting must have a Hazard Communications Plan and a Blood Borne Pathogens Regulations Compliance Plan. You can customize these plans to reflect your practice’s own unique situation. Both include training indexes, resources, and other helpful materials. Save yourself time and expense preparing your practice’s plans!

Nonmember Fees: $225 per plan

Employee Training

Every employee, including physicians in your practice, must receive training on OSHA regulations. New employees must be trained before they begin work. Digital presentations are available on Hazardous Communications & Blood Borne Pathogens regulations. Each employee can be trained via audio/video presentation using a PC/laptop in your practice. Training includes self-administered quiz and personalized Certificate of Completion for each employee trained from Montgomery County Medical Society.

Member Fees:

  • $119 - 1 employee/physician
  • $105 each 2-14 employees/physicians
  • $90 each 15+ employees/ physicians