Partner Message from Doctors’ Choice Medical Services: We Want to Say Thank You

At Doctors’ Choice Medical Services, the past weeks in tandem with the impact of COVID-19, we stayed focused on joining hands at a distance to continue to support, engage and work tirelessly for our clients, staff, family and friends alike , to do what we do best – service with quality and compassion . Our doors are open and while business as usual has taken a turn, our commitment has not. In fact, with all safety requirements in place and following guidelines for prevention and control, DCMS, everyday and since the start of ‘distancing’ and ‘lockdowns’, has formed an Olympic ring of its own to honor spirit and courage, work ethics and governance and above all, dedication to client billing services. There you have it, are the 5 rings.
To the above and overall Well-being:
  • We have worked closely with our clients to ensure continuity of care and cash flow in this new environment, so both patients and practices continue to thrive.
  • We have been in constant communication with each other, with our clients and the continuity of service interactions within.
  • We have informed our clients of all State and Federal regulations installed and keep you updated on all aspects of operations within the healthcare industry.
With this said, a question popped up! Could we come up or invent a coding rubric for an extraordinary way to say, ‘thank you’?
In partnership with MCMS, I have had the opportunity to meet with physician members and the many practices, interacting with your staff and healthcare professionals, I have learnt humility at best. It never fails to amaze. So, when the world is in turmoil and pandemics occur, the clarion call that’s most resonant is “All Healthcare Providers to the Frontlines”.
We want to say, ‘Thank you’. We know that in times of grave dangers, the centrality of the emotional aspects of care that you provide, mirrors the proportion and magnitude of unsurmountable burdens, we as your patients and people in need carry. In the category of ‘Medical Care’, a Physician’s supportiveness is the one element of care that is tangible to patients and appreciated by them. In times of pandemics patients wants increase to exhausting levels.
Doctors’ Choice Medical Services is a dedicated billing company innovating and dedicating our services to revenue cycle management and the returns on the investment our Physicians and facilities make with us. Honestly, a great feeling that we take immense pride in.
If you have any questions, please do ask and let us know how we can help.
Seema Azharuddin, Director, Business Triage for Doctors’ Choice Medical Services. 9200 Corporate Blvd. Rockville, MD 20850. Ph. 301 670 4250 ext 429.