Three Licensure Updates for Maryland Physicians

As Maryland’s emergency orders continue to expire, here are three critical updates for physicians and their medical practices:

1. Physician Licensure Grace Period Ends August 15th

In Executive Order 21-03-09-03, Governor Hogan postponed the expiration of professional licenses, including physician and other health occupations licenses. The Order extended the expiration date of all licenses through June 30, 2021. On Tuesday, June 15th, an additional “Grace Period” was established through August 15th, but no further. If you have not yet renewed yours, do so promptly.

2. Healthcare Workforce Flexibility Ends August 15th

Executive Order 21-03-09-02 governed the use of health care practitioners who were licensed outside of Maryland or were inactive and broadened the scope of practice for health professionals. This Order will expire under the “Grace Period” on August 15th.

3. Interstate Practice After Emergency Order Expiry

If you have been seeing patients out of state through the flexibility of an emergency order, you may be interested in pursuing expedited licensing for that state. Maryland is a participant in the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC), which provides a pathway to expedite licensing for physicians seeking to practice medicine in multiple IMLC states.

For a complete list of participating states, minimum applicant qualifications, and information on how to apply for licensure through the IMLC, please visit the IMLC website at